Rockford Township Ordinances
Ordinance  February 4, 1960, Regulating Land Use in Rockford Township
Ordinance # 1989-1, Defining and Prohibiting Public Nuisances
Ordinance # 1989-2, Granting an Extension Permit to Cable TV Fund, to Construct, Extend, Operate and Maintain a Cable  Communications Systems in Rockford Township
Ordinance # 1990-1, Granting to Gas Utilities to Operate in Rockford Township
Ordinance # 1991-2, Amending Ordinance #1990-1, Regulating The Discharge of Firearms, Dangerous Weapons, Explosives, Explosive Devices and Incendiary Devices in Rockford Township
Ordinance #1996-1,  False Fire Alarm Calls, (Payment and Fees)
Ordinance #2010.2,  Regulating Mailbox Installation Adjacent to Township Roads
Ordinance #1998-1,  Prohibiting Dogs From Running at Large and Prohibiting Vicious Dogs
Ordinance #2007-11,  Regulating the Public Right-of-Way and Providing for Issuance and Administration of Right-of-Way Permits
Ordinance #2004-1,   Repeal Ordinance #2000-1 Regulating the Serving of Alcohol During Use of Town Hall Property
Ordinance #2000-2,  Requiring a Permit for Construction of Driveways to Township Standards: requiring driveway inspections and setting the permit and inspection fee
Ordinance #2007-10.2,  Regulating Road and Sewer Assessments
Ordinance #2010.3-2, Regulating Storage of Items on Township Roads and Right-of-Way Amended 3.15.16
Amendment on August 17, 2010 to Ordinance #2004-11.1 Sub Division Ordinance
Resolution / Ordinance #2014-10.7 Adopting a Moratorium on any New Mineral Extraction Facility in Rockford Township