#Oct.  2002
Farmington Hearing
Gabler Avenue Plans And Specifications And Ordering Advertisement For Bids
Adopting Subdivision Ordinance
150th Anniversary Of The Founding Of Wright County
Planning Commission
Receiving The Report And Calling For A Public Hearing Regarding The Proposed Halsey Avenue SE Paving Project
Ordering Of A Paving Feasibility Study
Establishing A Planning Commission
To Erect Regulatory Speeds Signs In Rural Residential Districts
Requesting The Conveyance of Tax-Forfeited Land
#7-2003 A
To Erect Regulatory Speed Signs In Rural Residential Districts
# 2003-2
To Participate In The Minnesota Association Of Townships Insurance And Bond Trust
Vacating A Town Road
For Reestablishing Unchanged Precincts and Polling Place
Adopting Urban Powers
# Oct. 8, 2002
Official Intent
#2005 - 7-19.1
Regarding Dues Paid To Associations and Coalitions
#2005 - 9.6-1
Approving 30th St. SE and Deadrick Ave. SE Paving Project
#2005 - 9.6-2
Dedicating Land For Road Extension
Contract for services for PT backup snow plow/equipment operator
Planning Commission Members
Hearing for Halsey Paving Project Proposed Assessment
PAVING Project  - Declaring Cost to be Assessed and Ordering Preparation of Proposed Assessment for Halsey Paving Project
Accepting Work Regarding the Halsey Paving Project
Adopting Road and Sewer Assessment Policy Ordinance
#2005 - 9.6
Ordering Plans and Specs be completed for 30th Street SE (East of Dague Ave. to Deadrick Ave. SE) Overlay from Deadrick to HWY 55 Paving Project
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